Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ramen Setagaya

Ramen Noodles

Tan Tan Spicy Ramen: It has minced pork, scallions in chili soup
I don't remember the exact price, I think it's like $8 something

I have no idea what that is called. I know it has roast pork slices that had a lot of fat, but the fat just melts in the mouth, it was delicious! 
$7 something

Shrimp Tempura + Avocado Roll
$7 something

The bill came out to be like $26 something + tip $30. It was okay for a late afternoon lunch.

Ramen Setagaya
37-02 Prince St
Flushing , NY 11354
Quartiers: Flushing, Downtown Flushing
(718) 321-0290

Dim Sum 
For brunch, we went to a restaurant in Brooklyn.The pictures doesn't look as appetizing because I always forget to take pictures at the beginning! Then, after eating a few bites I remember to whip my camera out, but too late. :(

Taro dumpling, beef crepe, spare ribs over noodle, and shrimp dumpling.

Mmm hot chili sauce + spicy oil.

First post on second blog

I like to jot down my thoughts and put together a digital scrap book. As a hobby, it eases my craving of wanting to put together a professional looking site, after all, I was a graphic design major ;)

I'm going to make this my food + travel + everyday blog.
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