Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hong Kong Trip 10.23.10 - 11.02.10 (Part 2)

Ate a lot of different foods + desserts. There are just sooo many little hidden restaurants here and there and a wide range too choose from. There's Japanese (Udon, Sushie), Thai, Cantonese, Sichuan, Korean, Vietnamese, and many many more!
Green Tea Ice Cream

Spaghetti with Mushrooms in White Sauce

Garlic Bread


Durian Topped Sago

Durian Dessert


Hong Kong Trip 10.23.10 - 11.02.10 (Part 1)

I love Hot Potting (Shabu)!!! I think Shabu in HK is great, so much better than NYC in terms of the quality. This place that we went to is suppose to be quite famous, owned by the main host in the HK Show SUPER.